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Story Behind the Shot – Dwarfed Lighthouse

Monday, October 3rd, 2011 at 11:48 am

The end of the summer in the UK had been marked by grey skies, cold weather and rain. So when the forecast stated that we would be getting the back end of ‘Hurricane Somethingorother’ my ears pricked up! Waves!

About 30 minutes drive from my home is a little south Wales resort called Porthcawl. Here is a harbour wall with an old gas fired lighthouse perched right at the very end. High tide was scheduled for around 6.30pm so I gathered up my gear and set off – aiming to arrive at the location around 3.30 – plenty of time to reach a good location and get set up.

Well, the tide was on its way in and the wind was gusting around 40 to 50 mph – so all looked good. At around 5.30 the tide was well in and the sun decided it wanted to join in. For the next hour it was just wonderful!! I just shot away in both landscape and portrait formats and when the sun disappeared I would get my breath back ready for the next onslaught! What an afternoon. So many great opportunities it was difficult to choose ten photos, let alone just one.

Shot on a Nikon D300 using a Sigma 70-200 OS lens, handheld. ISO 320 at f9 gave me 1/6400 sec shutter speed. Focal length was 95mm (35mm equivalent).


Nick Jenkins ARPS AWPF

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